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Our Capabilities

Sewer And Water Installation

Nowak Construction is capable of installing your newly planned water or sewage line in a wide variety of terrains and situations. From open-cutting and trenching, cutting asphalt and horizontal directional drilling under roads, waterways, and other obstructions with environmental and safety concerns, or high-magnetic interference, we have the capabilities and tools necessary to get your transmission lines installed and operating in a timely manner. Let our knowledgeable staff have a look at your project today!

Sewer And Water Rehabilitation

If you need someone to turn-key a new water transmission line through varying types of terrain under a tight schedule, we have the experience and the tools to bring your project in on time and within budget. Let us further assist you with your design builds today!

Sewer And Water Replacement

Have large portions of your sewage and water lines degraded, but cannot be simply abandoned in place because there is no more room for utilities in the area? Nowak Construction is experienced with the removal of old distribution lines and the installation of new ones.

Our patented pipe reaming process can remove your old water or sewer lines regardless of any man-made or natural obstructions and replace them with brand new pipe in the same location, thus minimizing your utility footprint. Allow us to safely replace your lines today!”

Rock Trenching and Dirt Trenching

Nowak Construction is capable of trenching in dirt, clay, sand or solid rock with our specialized equipment; we can also restore the ground to the same or better conditions that existed pre-construction. Call us today for a quote and let us review your project!

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Sometimes the installation of pipe for either utilities, or oil and gas transmission requires going under rough terrain, man-made structures such as building or roads, or around natural obstructions such as waterways or environmentally sensitive locales. Such problems require the use of trenchless installation techniques via a horizontal directional drilling machine.

Nowak Construction was one of the first such contractors in the Wichita area and as such has a proven track record over many years of successfully completed bores and pipe installations via these methods. From sand and clay to rock and dirt, under wetlands, rivers or highways, Nowak Construction has the capability to install pipe made from any HDD compatible material, such as HDPE or steel, without destroying or polluting the environment. Call us for your oil, gas, water, and sewage HDD needs!

HDPE and PVC Fusion

Nowak Construction has the equipment and personnel necessary to safely and thoroughly fuse your poly and HDPE pipe. Let us guarantee that your pipe is leak-free and its integrity isn’t compromised on your installation projects. Call us today!